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Volume 24

Let's Go Home Akane

Akane, You IDIOT!

Ranma Verses Shinnosuke

I'M not 'All Right'

Akane's Feelings

Take Care of Akane...

Akane Saves Ranma

Let's Go Home Together...

Gift Words

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chapter titles

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PART 01 The Secret of the Forest
PART 02 The Water of Life
PART 03 In the Shade of the Forest
PART 04 See Ya, Akane
PART 05 The King of Beasts Emerges!
PART 06 The Fury of the Orochi!
PART 07 The Eighth Head
PART 08 Take Care of Her
PART 09 Blow Your Horn!
PART 10 Let's Go Home
PART 11 These Words I Send To You

Tags: main page updates


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