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By: Heather Maguire

By: Dorota (Dorothy)

By: Tendo Akane

By: Sweswe
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By: Sara Myers

By: Tendo Akane

By: Sefie Gainsborough

By: Krissy

By: Zane Dobele

By: Isela Luna

By: Zenaida Flores
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Posted on june 16th, 2010 by angela jewell

This is a huge picture I made for my Fanfic, THE FORGOTTEN GAME. It actually started out as another wallpaper, but once I had finished the background and was looking for some Ranma & Akane pictures to include, all of a sudden, I felt like making a picture for my Fanfic.. and this is the result. It took forever, since I had to totally re-do it with a darker background. I wanted to include a picture of Gabriel as well, but since I can't draw, it was impossible-- so all you get is a shadow. Of course, if anyone wants too, feel free to send me a picture of your version of him!!!  

Since I'm a HORRIBLE artist, mostly I'll just be putting various Photoshop renderings, or collages that I make in this section. If I ever draw anything by hand, however, I will still place it here... though the chances of that are extremely slim.


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