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Posted on december 28th, 2013 by angela jewell

There are a lot of different Ranma 1/2 products out there and also a lot of places where you can buy them.

This page, however, will only list the places where I've bought things myself, since I know they are trustworthy, and the prices are fair.

This is the ultimate place to get anything that deals with Ranma. They have cards, videos, graphic novels, posters: almost anything you could want. This is usually the first place I go when I want to buy some Ranma merchandise.

Amazon has mostly the videos and the graphic novels. They actually have a lot of VHS tapes there that sell for really cheap-- new and used.

Barnes and Noble is basically the same as Amazon. They have the movies and the books. There is actually a Barns and Noble bookstore, though, where I live, so that's where I get most of manga-- though they don't have Ranma graphic novels in the actual store.

I can not even begin to tell you how much I love E-bay. Seriously, it's an obsession. You can find TONS of cool stuff here. I've gotten lots of posters, cards, cheap manga, box sets, etc. and have to literally  force myself not to go online and look around. I've been ripped off from some sellers before, thought, but never with Ranma merchandise-- so it's usually
fairly safe-- or I've just been lucky. ^_^


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