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Ranma: "Bride? Hey, pal...what exactly do you mean by bride, huh?"
Kirin: "The word bride is a destination giving to a newly wed woman, also known as a wife.
Ranma: That's not what I meant! There's no way you're gonna make Akane a bride! You've got that?"
Kirin: "And why do we need your permission pretale?"
Ranma: "Because! She's my fiancee!"
Akane: "Ranma!"
Kirin: " liar..."
Ranma: "I'm not gonna lie about a thing like that!"
Kirin: "'re a woman..."
Ranma: "I...I forgot..."
Akane: "You dolt."
Ranma: "Never mind that! There's no way you're gonna make Akane a bride! You've got that? If you take her..."
Kirin: "If Kirin takes her..."
Ranma: "All of you will..."
Kirin: "And all of us will what?"
Ranma: "DIE! From Akane's terrible cooking!"

Akane: Stop it. Please stop it Kirin. If this goes on Ranma will...
Ranma: Akane, a girl's not supposed to butt in on a battle between men.
Akane: What? But Ranma you're losing! I'm just worried about you.
Ranma: You idiot. You don't know anything do you? If I quit now how will I get you back?
Akane: Ranma?

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movie 2

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Ranma: Listen up numbskull, if Kasumi isn't back by dinnertime, we're gonna have to eat Akane's cooking, and if we do that, man oh man we're gonna wish we were lost at sea!

Akane: Ranma, please. I like you just the way you are. Please don't fight anymore. I'm begging you.
Ranma: Akane, I'm not going to lose. Believe in me.
Akane: Ranma.

Ranma: "No one's gonna take her from me...Akane's mine...and she's engaged to me!!!!!!"
Akane: Ranma...

Ranma: Is that the spring?
Akane: Now you can be cured, Ranma!
Ranma: No way, Akane!
Akane: What?!
Ranma: I gotta blow it up!
Akane: Ranma, no! Then you'll never be able to--
Ranma: Hey, didn't you just say you like me the way I am?
Akane: I do!
Ranma: Well, the way that you are is the way that I -- I gotta destroy it!
Akane: Ranma...
Ranma: This is it, Akane, all my remaining strength! Everything I've got in one all-or-nothing blast--NOW!

Ranma: So does this mean you're giving up on marrying Akane?
Toma: Absolutely. I have no chance against someone like you.
Ranma: Ah, you're better off without her, even without me in your way. She's more like a boy than a girl anyway, and she's stubborn as a mule...

Ranma: Look at him standing there, little jerk, what's his problem getting a crush on Akane like that.
Akane: Ranma, I'm sorry. You did it for me.
Ranma: W-wha?
Akane: You destroyed that spring to save me.
Genma/Ryoga/Mousse: YOU WHAT?!?!?!

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