oavs 1-6

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EPISODE 1: Curse of the Contrary Jewel, Shampoo's Sudden Switch

Akane: "I love you, Ranma! I believe in us! I believe in our love!"
Ranma: "Well, now that I've got this all wrong..."
Akane: "Dream on, sucker!"

Ranma: Um, are you ok?
Akane: Ranma, you mustn't ever forget it. I love you more than anyone else in the world.
Ranma: R-really?
Akane: Ranma, you're irresistible. Even Shampoo couldn't withstand you. You're my prince Charming.
Ranma: I am.
Akane: Of course. You're the man I've given my heart to. Believe in our love.
Ranma: Now that you mention it, I guess I have been going about this the wrong way. I mean love isn't something you can win or lose
Cologne: You won't be needing this
Ranma: I mean who could've guessed you're really so cute underneath that tomboy exterior
Akane: Snap out of it Romeo-- You're living in a dream world!

EPISODE 6: The One to Carry on, Part 2

Akane: Ranma!
Ranma: Yo.
Akane: Training too... are you?
Ranma: Yeah. Just thought I'd work on my girl side now. It'd be a shame to lose any fight. What about you? What are you doing out here this early?
Akane: Well you know I need a little more training myself. This is the hardest I've trained in a long time. Uh, um...
Ranma/Akane: I've been thinking....
Ranma: You go first.
Akane: No ,no Ranma you go first.
Ranma: Uh- Okay. I uh, think we should, um try it again.
Akane: What?
Ranma: Together again.

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oavs 7-13

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EPISODE 7: Reawakening Memories, Part 1

Ranma: "Oh, yeah? OH YEAH? OH YEAH? So you like him better than me, is that it? IS THAT SO? IS THAT SO? HUH? . . . AKANE, YOU DUMMY!!"

EPISODE 8: Rewakening Memories, Part 2

Ranma: "If he makes you happy, then I won't get in the way. But first...first tell me why. Tell me right now why you're choosing him instead of me?"
Shinnosuke: : "That's enough! Can't you see you're hurting her?"
Ranma: "Stay the hell out of this!"
Shinnosuke: : "Do I have to teach you a lesson?"
Ranma: "Your move. But I know something you don't know...Akane is MINE!"

Ranma: "Akane's my fiancée...the one that's gonna fight for her is gonna be me."

Akane: "I'm going to go help Ranma. He's ...he's my fiancee."

Ranma: I don't care what it takes, no matter how dangerous. Stupid, Stupid, stupid Akane. No way I'm going to lose!

Ranma: You and your crazy stunts.

EPISODE 10: Oh, Cursed Tunnel of Lost Love! Let My Love Be Forever

Ranma: Jeez, you don't have to make a big production out of it. Why don't you just come out and say it (*doing his best Akane imitation*) "EEK, Ranma, I'm scared of ghosts. Ranma!" Why can't you be honest?
Akane: Here I am practically having a heart-attack while you, while you make stupid jokes.

EPISODE 12: The Two Akane's, "Ranma, Look at Me!"

Akane: Ranma?
Ranma: Uh huh?
Ranma: I... yeah... you know I don't mind taking a walk but are you sure this is where you want to do it?
Akane: It's perfect. Where else could I be alone with you?
Ranma: Hmmhm.
Akane: Does this bother you?
Ranma: No. No not at all. I, uh...

Akane: Close your eyes.
Ranma: Why? What're you gonna do?
Akane: What's the matter? Are you saying you don't want me?
Ranma: That's not what I- uh- what I- I mean that uh- doesn't it mess with your training?
Akane: Sucker!

Ranma: Something is wrong here. You're not the Akane that I know.
Akane: That's right. Just look at me Ranma. She's an imposter.
Ranma: You're much cuter for one thing...
Akane: Huh?
Ranma:... and well sexy. It's kind of nice.
Akane: Now he's done it! Hi-yah!

Ranma: "I liked you better when you were evil. You were a lot nicer. Definitely more sexy."

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