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EPISODE 1: Ranma Gains Yet Another Suitor

Ranma: Come on! I got enough trouble with the uncute fiancée I already got! Why would I want anoth-
Akane: Go ahead and switch to the cute one then. Don't let me stop you.
Ranma: Come on.

EPISODE 2: Ryoga and Akane, 2-Gether, 4-Ever!

Ranma: "One little love note dribbled in sauce and you're rarin' to go!"

Ranma: Don't interfere, huh?
Ryoga: Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah
Akane: Leave us alone, Ranma.
Ryoga: Oh Akane!
Akane: Oh Ryoga!
Ranma: Oh no! Not if I can help it!  

EPISODE 7: Transform! Akane The Super-Duper Girl

Ranma: "There."
Akane: "Ranma, I uh, I guess I got a little carried away back there. I thought you were just jealous of me...but-"
Ranma: "I'm disappointed, I thought you would know me better by now, Akane."
Akane: "Ranma..."
Ranma: "Now that's the Akane I know. I'm sure glad you're back."

EPISODE 9: Ranma's Declaration of Womanhood

Kasumi: "How many fingers, Ranma?"
Ran-Chan: "Three fingers"
Kasumi: (pointing at Soun) "Who's this?"
Ran-Chan: "Dear Uncle Tendo"
Kasumi: (pointing at Genma) "And this?"
Ran-Chan: "Octopus face!"
Kasumi: (pointing at Happosai) "And this?"
Ran-Chan: "An Oompa-Loompa!!"
Kasumi: "Seems perfectly fine to me"

Akane: Change back, Ranma. I don't care if you are rude, insensitive and inconsiderate. I know I complain all the time, but sweet and innocent just isn't you. If you stay a girl, then who will-- what am I going to--
Ranma: I understand what you are saying Akane. But I'm a woman. Your male Ranma no longer exists as you know him.
Akane: You idiot! You're not Ranma at all, are you?!

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EPISODE 13: All it Takes is One! The Kiss of Love is the Kiss of Death

Ranma: You're so cute. You're so cute...
Akane: Uh, Ranma, Ranma wait a minute...
Ranma: You're so cute! So cute!
Akane:....Stop it.... No! Not like this! Say it to me without the love potion!
Ranma: Sucker!

EPISODE 15: The Ultimate Team-up? The Ryoga/Mousse Alliance

Ranma: Come back here, Ryoga! Admit it! Your goal was to take a bath with her all along!
Ryoga: You're wrong! The hot water would have turned me back into a guy anyway! Besides, if Akane ever saw me naked I'd, I'd-i-i
Ranma: So you DO admit it!
Ryoga: I-I'd die!
Ranma: You wanted her to see you naked?
Ryoga: I told you I did not!
Ranma: Don't you lie to me! Like I should believe some pervert who turns into a pig!
Ryoga: Who're you calling a pervert, pervert? I wouldn't talk if I were you! You don't see me flashing my chest to win a fight!
Ranma: Shut up and fight!

EPISODE 17: The Last Days of Happosai

Akane: Ah, Ranma?
Ranma: Yeah?
Akane: Do you believe in destiny?
Ranma: Destiny? Aw, I get it. Everyone's talking about that whacked out chick at school. I'll bet you had your cards read, huh? Naw, you make your own fate as far as I'm concerned. So, uh why do you ask? Is there something about me in your future or what?
Akane: Uh. None of your beeswax. You don't believe in it anyway.
Ranma: Ha! I knew it.

Ranma: Um, Akane?
Akane: Y-Yes?
Ranma: I'm uh, you know still trying to get used to it. It's not that I mind doing what they're asking but-- yu, you know, looking after the dojo and stuff. I mean, it might not be that bad.

Akane: Honey.
Ranma: Huh?
Akane: Honey look.
Ranma: Hello Darling
Akane: Look what the stork brought: Our little bundle of joy. He looks just like you.
Ranma: Oh, let me see.

Ranma: Looks like grabbing at you brought the old freak back from the dead.
Akane: How dare you use me as a battery!

EPISODE 21: Ryoga's Miracle Cure! Hand Over the Soap

Ranma: (to Ryoga) Why you-- Let go of Akane!

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