The idea that Akane is some dangerous, abusive psychopath--whose sole purpose is to torture poor innocent Ranma--is one of the strangest misconceptions to come out of this fandom. For starters, Ranma 1/2 is a martial arts comedy. We're talking about a story where ALL the characters routinely attack each other. They punt each other through the sky, hurl one another into walls and buildings, burst through walls, race across alligators, and throw ki-blasts and dangerous techniques like they're commonplace. Yet for some inexplicable reason, when Ranma takes a couple hits to the head with a mallet or some random household object, people start crying "abuse!"

Kindly remember. . .

Ranma is a martial artist. Ranma fights for a living. Ranma has willingly subjected himself to BEE STINGS and PIRANHA ATTACKS just to learn a technique. He has STUCK HIS HANDS into FIRE.

Yet he supposedly can't handle one "clumsy" "slow" "tomboy"?

He can of course. He just chooses not to because he LIKES making her angry. In fact, there are numerous instances where Ranma goes out of his way to intentionally piss Akane off. And I'm sorry, but those aren't the actions of a victim, those are the actions of a boy-with-a-crush who doesn't know how to express his emotions, so he pulls the pigtails of the girl he likes instead.

Akane just happens to be so headstrong that she pulls his hair right back!

But even so, Akane has proven to be kind, self-sacrificing, compassionate, and courageous; she's also an insecure teenager, forced into an engagement at a young age, who has a lot of growing up to do. They BOTH do.

But frankly, she's far from the only fiancee to be violent towards Ranma. Like Akane's mallet, Shampoo has a similar gag where she constantly runs Ranma over with her bicycle. And Ukyo's battle spatula is for far more than grilling okonomiyaki: She's used it countless times to smack Ranma (or others) in the face whenever they say something rude or insensitive.

So the fact is, if you're trying to hold Akane accountable for her actions, then you need to hold ALL the characters accountable, not just the ones you don't like (See: Misconception 1). And if you still feel you're right, then ALL the characters are psychopaths, including Ranma, and the story has just taken a dark, terrible turn.

Which means you seriously need to find a different series to read. Because this one clearly isn't for you. . .

(Watch it, Ranma! That's abusive!)