One of the major complains uninformed people seem to have concerning the Ranma/Akane pairing is that Akane is the "only/most" violent fiance. Now, I'm not trying to argue that Akane's not violent (though I will argue that when she hits him it's usually with good reason); however, I think it's unfair to condemn Akane for beating on Ranma when ALL his fiances are guilty of the same thing. Usually, anti-Akane fans tend to view Shampoo or Ukyo as Saints who can do no wrong; however these examples (and there are plenty more), prove this isn't always the case. Akane may get angry and hit him, but it's no where near as exaggerated as it is in the anime. In fact, Ranma's other fiancée's are just as violent, if not more so.

At least Akane's reasons for hitting Ranma and others is very clear and consistent: If Ranma insults her, or she's being attacked/groped, she lashes out. However, with Ukyo, Shampoo, and Kodachi, their violence is all over the place: Shampoo runs people over with a smile on her face; she's turned herself into a cat in order to punish Ranma; Ukyo will hit someone when embarrassed, disturbed, or annoyed; Kodachi doesn't need any reason at all to be violent. Plus, all three of them have no qualms against eliminating competition, whether the people they view a threat are trained martial artists or not (See Example 1 and Example 2).

Luckily, no matter how angry Akane gets with Ranma, she never goes around hitting people indiscriminately. The only reason she takes so much flax at all is because she's the main female protagonist, and as a result, we see her more than any other fiancee. However, if Shampoo or Ukyo were given just as much "screen-time" as Akane, you can bet this stupid complaint would've died down long ago.