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Posted on december 28th, 2013 by angela jewell

Ranma 1/2
Pairing: Ranma/Akane
Romance, Drama, Horror

SUMMARY: Based off L.J. Smith's The Forbidden Game trilogy: Ranma and co are transported into a Game where everyone must face their worse nightmare, as ordained by Gabriel the Shadow Prince, who seeks Akane as his prize.

PROGRESS: Chapter 13 is 5% complete

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Posted on june 16th, 2010 by angela jewell

Teaser Poster (by ME)
Promo Poster (by Krissy)
Akane and Gabriel (by Sara Myers)
Various Scenes (by ShadowWalkerGirl)
Akane, Ranma, and Gabriel (by Starless Song)

*Send any fanart

Tags: main page updates


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