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(Volume Five: True Confessions A girl's hair is her life)

English Translation

Ranma: Not that you should care what I say. I'm just a dummy, right?
Akane: Ranma, thank you. Even if you don't mean it...
Ranma: Wow, can it be?
{Akane laughs}
Ranma: She really IS cute?


Genma: Are you nuts? Have you forgotten what's waiting for us if she should catch us?! I promised her I'd raise you to be a man among men-- if she finds out our little secret, she'll force us to commit seppuku! Still wanna go home for dinner?


Cologne: I thought the ghosts in the place were supposed to break up couples. Why aren't they attacking?
Genma: Who knows. Maybe they've never been scared off by the living before.


Mousse: Where are you going?
{Ukyo, Shampoo, and Kodachi fighting}
Shampoo, what's wrong with you? I'm right here where you left me. Here I am, sweetheart--your lover-boy, your knight and shining armor, the father of your children, your--
{Shampoo stops fighting long enough to punch him}

Tags: main page updates


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