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EPISODE 6: Akane's Lost Love, These Things Happen You Know

Ranma: "Akane, don't you ever get tired of being angry all the time?"
Akane: "I like being angry!"
Ranma: "Well, that's too bad... you're really cute when you smile."

Akane: A good cry really does make you feel better.
Akane: Hm? Ranma?
*turns around and sees Ranma crouched on top of the fence next to her*
Akane:What is it? What's wrong?
Ranma: Eh--He said cute. That's what he said. I--I heard him. ...I'm happy for you.
Akane: Oh, who cares, it's over.
Ranma: Hey, whaddya mean, "who cares?"
Akane: Dr. Tofu's in love with Kasumi, not me.
Akane: It's okay, though. I think I'm finally over him.
Ranma: Wait up!
Ranma: I wanted to tell you...your hair really does look cute.
Akane: Huh?!
Ranma: What? What're ya lookin' at?
Akane: Are you feeling okay, Ranma?
Ranma: Hey, I was just trying to--
Akane: You can cut it out now, you don't have to cheer me up anymore, dummy.
Ranma: Ohhh, that's not what I meant! Okay then, I take it back about you being cute.
Akane: Go right ahead! Who cares if I'm not cute!
Ranma: Anyway, I like you better in short hair.
Ranma: Not that you should care what I say; I'm just a dummy, right?
Akane: ...Ranma...thank you.
Ranma: Huh?
Akane: Even if you don't mean it.
Ranma: Whoa...can it be? She really is cute!

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EPISODE 9: True Confessions, A Girl's Hair is her Life!

Ryoga: And even though I'm under this curse, a curse I'll carry the rest of my life, somehow she finds it in her heart to love me.
Ranma: You're nuts! She don't love you!
Ryoga: Yes she does!
Ranma: Rrrr, that's just your sick imagination!
Ryoga: To think that she lives under the same roof as you! There's no justice in this world. You keep your hands off her, Ranma!
Ranma: Hey, listen, pal, don't you drag me into this. Wishing don't make it true, you know.
Ryoga: So that's it! You're in love with her too!
Ranma: Eh--Shut up, Ryoga! Let's fight!

EPISODE 16: Shampoo's Revenge! The Shiatsu Technique that Steals Heart and Soul!

Ranma: Akane. Oh, Akane. There's no way she's going to beat Shampoo! She's going to get herself killed! Ah, this is all my fault. Akane. I gotta get there! Akane. AKANE!


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