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EPISODE 2: Close Call - The Dance of Death... on Ice

Ranma: You pull that junk with Akane again and I'm going to do more than bring you to your knees.
Mikado: Oh really? Such as?
Ranma: Such as putting your lady-killing butt straight into a coffin, got it?! Akane is MY fiancée! You touch her and I'll KILL you!

EPISODE 4: Clash of the Delivery Girls! The Martial Arts Takeout Race!

Soun: You can do it Akane!
Ranma: Hey, try not to kill yourself.
Soun: Ranma!
Akane: Hmm, who does that idiot think that I'm fighting for anyway?

EPISODE 11: Ranma Trains on Mt. Terror!

Ranma: "Akane..."
Akane: "Yes...?"
Ranma: (about Ryoga) "Don't poison him with your cooking. He and I have a fight coming up."

Ranma: "I didn't want to use this, Ryoga! The Saotome Secret Technique!"
Ryoga: "The what?!"
Genma Panda: "Will he really use it?!"
Akane: "The Saotome Secret Technique?!"
Ranma: "Face opponent and...fast break!"
Akane: "That...was the Saotome..."Secret Technique"?!"
Ryoga: "Come back here, you coward!!"
Genma (from the past): "Listen well, my son...the secret of the Saotome clan...is founded upon the tenents of "Motion", "Contemplation" and "Opposition"."
Ranma: "In other words, running away to buy yourself time to think about your enemy."
Genma Panda: "Bingo!"
Akane: "What kind of "technique" is that?!"
Genma Panda: "Hey, it's harder than it looks!"

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EPISODE 15: Enter Happosai, The Lustful Letcher

(Manga) Narrator: "No sooner does the evil wake...then he returns to sleep...only to wake again!"

EPISODE 22: Kissing is Such Sweet Sorrow! The Taking of Akane's Lips

Ranma: "That I'll become Romeo. And you, Akane...I want you to become Juliet. Got that?"
Akane: "Ra...Ranma...Ranma, you do know what Romeo and Juliet are to each other, don't you?"
Ranma: "Father and daughter, right?"

Ranma: "Oh, Romeo, do you really hate me that much?"
Akane: "Of...of course not! If I did, this would be easy."

Akane: "Maybe we should try it...without the tape."
Ranma: (falls off the fence)
Akane: (looking down at him) It was just a joke. You are such an idiot. (starts whistling)
Ranma: You are so un... cute.

(manga) Ranma: "So what do you know about this Romeo guy?"
Genma Panda: "He's from the planet Krypton."

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